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A New Era for the Connection

We know you will be pleased

The New Connection

We are very excited about the February newspaper issue for the Cottage Country Connection.  It will be released next week on bright white paper with much improved layout and graphics.  We will have lots of great new content.  We are welcoming some new advertisers and happy to continue with the loyal advertisers who remain with the paper. We are honouring all existing advertising contracts and signing lots of new ones.  When you see the February issue you will know it is the same paper you are familiar with, but you will also know it is very different. We have added the words “Cottage Country” to “Connection” to create our new name “Cottage Country Connection” which better describes who we are and who our readers are.

We are Cottagers and Country people in the beautiful Peterborough Kawartha Lakes areas.  Our area served has expanded and we are immediately beginning increased distribution with more postal areas served by mailing of the paper and more papers available in stores and drop boxes across the region.  We do not separate Peterborough from the Kawartha Lakes  and we will expand our coverage to Lindsay and surrounding Kawartha Lakes areas.

Our newspaper first started with Volume 1, Issue 1 in April 1994.  It was then called the Causeway Connection mainly directed towards Lakefield, Bridgenorth and the areas across the James A. Gifford Causeway in the former Smith and Ennismore Townships.  After 10 years Saville Publishing took over and the newspaper became “The Connection” and its territory was expanded east into Douro Dummer and North Kawartha Townships “and Beyond”. The last issue published in January by Saville Publishing was Volume 20, Issue 10.

Our new February issue is Volume 21, Issue 1 to note the new era for the newspaper.  Volume 21, Issue 2 will be published in March 2014 and will be an expanded publication with more pages and more content.  We welcome your contribution and feedback on how we are doing.  Volume 21, Issue 3 will be published in April 2014 as a special commemorative edition that among other things will look back at how times and people’s lives have changed over the past 20 years.  Volume 21 will continue to issue 11 in December and then we begin the paper’s 22nd year with Volume 22 switching it to an annual indexing basis for easier organization.

Our next issue will be available ahead of Valentine’s Day 2014 both delivered on paper by Canada Post and drop off spots and online at this website.  We know you will be pleased. We are thrilled.


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